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Rock The Vote

Staples Golf and Sand Hollow want you to Rock the Vote!!

Dear Staples Golf Client,

Staples Golf and Sand Hollow want you to Rock the Vote!! #LETSDOTHIS!

This is normally the time I'd be giving you my thoughts on the industry, cracking a joke about this or that, and touching on latest project developments, but today we find ourselves in a new situation. We’re certainly living in a crazy world.

So, how about some levity! If you have the time, please check out what Golf Digest and Derek Duncan are doing with their March Madness Greatest Golf Architect bracket! Sand Hollow, my first major design project on my own, is currently matched-up against San Francisco Golf Club (yes, that San Francisco Golf Club). If you're on twitter (and even if you’re not!) head over and vote your conscious*! Should be fun to watch this play out.

* = Sand Hollow ;)

Let’s do our best to stay safe and sane out there. We're going to get through this!


Andy Staples, ASGCA

Andy Staples

Andy Staples, ASCGA member and principal of Staples Golf Design, was brought to golf at the age of seven by his dad, having learned the game at West Bend Country Club, in West Bend, WI, a turn of the century course designed by Langford & Moreau.

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Staples Golf Design Quarterly

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