Timeless, sustainable design combined with interesting, strategic elements are the hallmarks of our projects. We allow the design to evolve and spend the time necessary on the ground to do what’s right for the project. We stay on-board to see the course through the completion of the turf maturation, onto the opening and into the future.

In effort to communicate “what you’ll get” by hiring our firm, we offer these points of distinction on our approach to golf course architecture:

  • Relationships are everything. We view each project as an opportunity to build another long term contact within the business we love. We focus on working with people we enjoy and try to have fun along the way. After all, we’re in the golf business – does it get any better than this?
  • A history of building consensus. We have the experience necessary to sell a plan, and build consensus within a membership or local community. We garner support from all levels of the club, involve each group and work within the team in order to get what’s best for the project.
  • Great architecture, built sustainably. We have spent our careers learning how golf courses can be built to uphold classic, timeless design while being tremendous stewards of our land and resources. Energy, water and fuel efficiency is the future of golf. We're very proud of the work we have done in this arena. Combing these philosophies with a design worthy of a “Top 100” distinction is the pinnacle of our quest.

STAPLES GOLF focuses on creating an interesting, strategic product based upon the natural characteristics of the land we are given, while quantifying a course’s true value of sustainability.

Our courses utilize the most efficient resource management technology (Energy, Water and Fuel efficiency) available that provide for cost-conscious, profit-oriented long term maintenance. A successful golf course project balances virtues of the game of Golf with environmental, economic and social factors. We’re continually striving to lead the industry in this arena and our completed work is a testament to this endeavor.

During construction, we prefer to utilize our own team of like-minded specialty shapers to ensure our plans are implemented in the field. We allow the design process to evolve and spend the time necessary to do what’s right for each project.

Upon completion, we stay on-board to see the course through the completion of the turf maturation, onto the opening and into the future. A successful project is one that we continue a long term relationship for years to come, assisting our Owners in every aspect of operations and everyday maintenance.

Our definition of a successful golf course project is:

  1. Classic in nature, timeless by design, filled with “soul” for every golfer
  2. Built on a site that enhances the environment – energy, water and fuel efficient
  3. Built minimally with local goods and services
  4. Economically maintained with fast and firm conditions
  5. One that integrates, educates and fosters community – “A Community Links”