The Community Links™ Vision

Our Community Links™ vision creates a paradigm shift in the way City and County golf courses are viewed. Community Links™ tells the important story of the game of golf, and demonstrates how these golf facilities will be better utilized as inclusive community-wide assets.

A Community Links™ does the following;

  1. Explores possible alternative revenue streams other than green fees and golf related activities
  2. Expands facility benefits to increase facility use by non-golfers
  3. Emphasizes new golfer development programs for our communities’ youth which instill healthy living, sportsmanship, integrity, and patience
  4. Maximizes the efficient use of water, energy, and fuel

The benefits of the Community Links Vision can best be summarized in three equally important parts; social, economic, and environmental.

Social Benefits- Community Links emphasizes all members of the community, not just golfers.

  • Links residents to each other and to the facility, breaking down the traditional view of how a golf course can be utilized.
  • Promotes health and wellness through exercise and "prescriptive" activities.
  • Promotes nature through walking trails and other non-golfing activities.
  • Emphasizes youth development and character building.

Economic Benefits- Community Links emphasizes bringing in more revenue.

  • More golfers can be brought in by updating the facility to a unique and affordable option in the area, focusing on families, kids and beginner golfers.
  • New golfers can be brought in by updating practice areas and establishing new player programs.
  • Non-golfers can be brought in by establishing versatile auxiliary areas/ activities; walking trails, community open space, picnic areas, dog-park near concessions, corporate events, farmers' markets, concerts, weddings, etc.
  • Advocates cost reduction through sustainable initiatives (see below).

Environmental Benefits- Community Links emphasizes through responsible use of resources.

  • "Fast and Firm" playing conditions that use less water.
  • Irrigation upgrades save water, energy, money.
  • Turf reduction where appropriate reduces maintenance costs and saves water, energy, money.
  • The responsible stewardship of resources sets a good example for the community.

Great communal facilities that don't drain the coffers and are environmentally responsible are what all residents want and expect from their city and county amenities. Staples Golf believes the Community Links Vision does just that!

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