STAPLES GOLF advocates the maintenance of fast and firm playing conditions.

Our Process

Our process begins by assessing your golf course design and looking for ways to reduce water use while maintaining the playability and design integrity of the course. We think the future is in monitoring moisture content while tracking overall water use. We partner with select irrigation consultants who are able to perform the necessary irrigation system analyses including distribution uniformity testing, overall pipe and sprinkler design and pump station sizing.

Together, our analysis will cover the following areas:

  • Historical water and energy use baseline calculations with potential areas of opportunity for reduction. Some of these opportunities can be achieved with minimal adjustments to management, or with more substantial changes like integrating soil moisture sensing, reducing turf or upgrading your irrigation system.
  • Complete area take-offs of all irrigated turf including greens, tees, fairways, roughs and bunkers, natural areas, water features, and cart paths and a usable PDF file and excel spreadsheet summarizing everything.
  • Distribution Uniformity analysis via catch can testing of select holes and/or problem areas
  • Pressure testing of select points throughout the golf course, identifying potential pressure issues
  • Complete Area Take-Offs example document

STAPLES GOLF has pioneered the process of linking water use to energy consumption and has streamlined the process to help you save both water and energy while keeping in mind the original design intent of your course.