Golf courses hire STAPLES GOLF to help them save money by becoming more efficient.

Our Process

Our process begins by completely assessing the entire golf facility, researching the utility billing history and use data, appropriate utility-funded incentive programs, and assisting to develop realistic savings goals. We provide a complete engineered analysis of all aspects of the energy using components inside your facility. Every assessment considers the feasibility of renewable energy, whether it’s solar, wind or geo-thermal power. We do, however, stress an “Efficiency First!” mantra before moving towards renewable energy projects. Why pay to produce power for wasted energy?

View a Resource Management Savings Goal example

Our analysis covers the following areas:

The Golf Course

  • The irrigation pumping system and related wells and water services
  • The irrigation system’s central control computer and programming

The Clubhouse and Adjoining Buildings

  • Lighting systems and controls
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Cart charging
  • Kitchen components

Our work ends by facilitating all proposed work, including project management and acquiring all rebate dollars and incentives on behalf of the client.