Energy Snapshot™ for Golf

STAPLES GOLF examines every project for potential course improvements that increase efficiency and maintain a superior golf experience. Our philosophy establishes the groundwork for long range planning that results in verifiable efficiency improvement through adjustments to the golf course. These adjustments can be minor changes in mowing patterns, the adjustment of water scheduling, or timing of when carts are charged, all of which can be done either within annual budgets. They can also be more significant upgrades such as bunker redesign or turf reduction projects which require large cash outlays. We examine each case through the lens of fiscal responsibility, striving to keep paybacks under five years.

Our Process

We begin with a 20-minute "survey-style" Energy Snapshot of your facility to quickly understand the available savings potential.

This "snapshot" assessment examines the efficiency of:

  • Acreage of turf area and overall age of the facility
  • The irrigation system, pumping station(s) and wells
  • Adjoining buildings
  • Cart charging strategies
  • Overall water and energy annual budgets

By examining opportunities to increase the efficiency of these areas, we hope proposed improvements will allow owners free up budget money and maximize revenue. Our end product makes recommendations for further action like introducing in-house projects or the integrating future long range master planning.