The Golf Club at Sand Hollow Resort

Hurricane, UT

The Project

New 27-hole Golf Resort to be built on 600 acres of red sand and sand stone cliffs designed by John Fought and Andrew Staples. Owner was looking for a “separation factor” when building Sand Hollow (there were four new developments being built at the same time)

What Was Done

Adopted a sustainable approach to compliment the qualities of the golf course

  • Minimal approach to grading (used all onsite sands for all feature construction)
  • Gravity fed water system (eliminated the need for a 4,000 gpm pump station)
  • Utilized natural agronomy (integrated natural products into grassing package)

Integrated renewable energy systems wherever feasible

  • Geo-thermal heat pumps

The Result

Saved over $700,000 in construction costs by not building a lake and pump station (shifted costs to the construction of a water tank)

  • Saved approximately $75,000.00 per year in energy costs associated with pumping

Natural agronomy has produced drought resistant turfgrass

  • Cut water use by 30%

Sustainable approach cut the projects carbon footprint by 40%, conservatively


  • Ranked #1 in the State of Utah by Golf Week
  • Ranked a “Best New” course in 2008 by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine