North Ridge Country Club

Sacramento, CA

The Project

An existing private club in Northern California, North Ridge integrates Resource Management including energy and water efficiency into their Master Plan. Complete plans reduce the maintained turf by over 40 acres in order to address long term water conservation and increases in energy costs. A solar energy power plant has also been integrated into the long term strategy of the plan.

What Was Done

Integrated Resource Management into their Club Master Plan. Staples Golf assisted the Club by:

  • Coordinating various Membership “Focus Group” sessions that identified areas of the need, interest levels and ways to successfully market a Resource Management Plan
  • Developing a turf reduction plan that reduced 42.6 acres of maintained turf by transitioning out of play areas to drought resistant, native grasses
  • Developing a Tree Management plan including tree removal, replacement and a plant palette list of preferred plantings
  • Investigation of integrating solar power into their business

The Result

Investigation of integrating solar power into their business

  • $44,000 per year in water, energy and maintenance (a savings of over $1,100 per acre)
  • 40,983 kwh per year
  • Cut water use by almost 25%
  • A reduction of 24.6 tons in CO2 emissions


  • Simple payback for project is 3.9 years ($175,000.00 total project cost)
  • Estimated 20 True Value of Improvement is $374,596.00