Nantucket Golf Club

Nantucket, MA

The Project

A complete carbon footprint analysis of an existing private country club including analysis of historical energy billings, fuel use and fertilizer/chemical inputs. Project was accomplished under the joint program CARBONSAVE© for golf and Dr. Stuart Cohen.

What Was Done

Every aspect of the facility was gathered in order to understand the current position of the carbon outputs:

  • Electricity and propane
  • Gasoline and diesel
  • Fertilizer, amendments and chemicals
  • Office supplies including paper
  • Deliveries to course including materials and Fed Ex

As part of the analysis, golf course turf, native grasses, trees and shrubs were examined for their ability to sequester carbon and other green house gases:

  • Calculations combined CARBONSAVE¬© proprietary information and the leading research from Colorado State University to quantify the total sequestration

The Result

  • 50% of the carbon footprint is attributed to electricity use and 34% is attributed to propane
  • 66.3 tons of CO2 per year is being sequestered from the environment

Staples Golf also obtained incentives on behalf of the customer totaling $28,427.34 (total project cost was approximately $29,500.00)


Arguably the most comprehensive golf course carbon analysis done to date!