Los Alamos Golf Course Improvement

Los Alamos, NM

The Project

An existing county-owned public golf course looking to improve and upgrade their facilities including addressing long term energy and water conservation strategies. Los Alamos has also garnered local support through active community involvement and long term sustainability and is poised to become the country’s first fully GEO certified course following their sustainability advisor guidelines.

What Was Done

Staples Golf assisted the Club by:

  • Developing a long term Master Plan to be implemented over a multi-year period
  • Developing a sustainability plan that includes transitioning out of play areas to drought resistant, native grasses and low-maintenance hazards
  • A gravity-fed pumping system to reduce energy use
  • Multiple community outreach meetings and research to involve the local support

The Result

Plans will achieve the following benefits:

  • Become the finest example of sustainable golf in New Mexico
  • Eliminate the need for a 1,500 gpm pump station
  • Cut water use by almost 25%
  • Calculate carbon emissions and quantify the savings


  • First GEO certified golf course to follow their sustainability guidelines
  • Foster local community support that includes multiples uses including walking trails, mountain bike trails, cross country skiing and an outdoor concert venue.