Lake Wildwood Golf Club

Penn Valley, CA

The Project

Comprehensive lighting systems and controls for a facility that included an 18-hole golf course and practice range, clubhouse, a separate pro shop, a maintenance building, and several changing facilities situated in parks around the property.

What Was Done

Staples Golf worked with the Club’s local utility representative to conduct a complete golf course and facility audit. The club’s managing board was interested in saving as much energy as possible. Staples Golf integrated its own golf course program in association with Pacific Gas & Electric’s Energy Watch program to obtain 380 energy efficient lighting measures.

The Result

We achieved the following savings:

  • 118.447 kWh or $16,582.61 per year
  • 21.0 kW demand reduction
  • A reduction of 71.2 tons of CO2 emissions

Staples Golf also obtained incentives on behalf of the customer totaling $28,427.34 (total project cost was approximately $29,500.00)


The total project simple payback was in less than 2 months!