Fayetteville Country Club

Fayetteville, AR

The Project

An existing private country club had renovated their course nine holes at a time resulting in different design styles and green character. Three greens on the back nine – Holes #12, 13 and 15 were built with severe contours resulting in severely limited pin locations, extremely difficult short game recovery shots and numerous complaints from the Membership.

The Club had exhausted all options to improve the green and was looking to rebuild each of the entire green complexes.

What Was Done

Incorporated fairway adjustments including water use efficiency strategies on all three green complexes. Players that were once relegated to an attempt at a single “flop” shot through the rough (and consequently their ball running off the green) are now presented with the option to bump-and-run, using a putter and a flop shot through a tightly mown fairway cut.

  • Added additional space for chipping swales and bail out areas around the green complex
  • Managed moisture levels in the new tightly mown chipping swales in order to allow for fast and firm conditions and a greater variety of short game shots
  • Aligned the tee complex to aim towards the preferred line of play

The Result

Saved approximately $40,000.00 per green (or a total of over $120,000.00!) in construction costs.


  • Dramatically reduced complaints and increased the enjoyment of each green
  • Membership was able to avoid taking on additional debt as the adjustments were made within the annual maintenance budget
  • Due to the success of the program, implemented the chipping swale philosophy throughout the entire golf course