Desert Mountain Golf Course - Renegade Course

Scottsdale, AZ

The Project

An energy use analysis of the irrigation system and pumping station of an existing 18-hole golf course and practice facilities in partnership with the local Rain Bird distributor – Horizon Golf.

What Was Done

Performed routine irrigation system efficiency tests combined with a 2-day, overnight monitoring session to identify opportunity to save money and energy by adjusting management practices and/or upgrades to equipment. Staples Golf also worked with APS utility company to pay for pump test and up to 50% of the cost of the report.

  • Tested the pumps to calculate efficiency “snap shots” in order to understand the current output of each pump and motor
  • GPerformed a 2-day overnight monitoring session. Both night watered the same amount of gallons. Night #1 the central control was left “as is”, with no adjustments. Night #2 Staples Golf adjusted the programming in order to maximize the efficiency of the pumps.
  • Assessed areas of potential water use efficiency opportunity
  • We provided the necessary engineering reports to show to the utility in order to receive incentive payments.

The Result

  • Identification of $25,569.96 of annual savings (energy and water)
  • The reduction of 96,990 kWh per year or $10,668.90 per year
  • The reduction of over 8 million gallons of water
  • A reduction of 58.3 tons of CO2 per year


According to Desert Mountain, this study is the most comprehensive research ever performed on an actual every day golf course, proving Staples Golf’s contention that great efficiency gains can be achieved through proper central control!