A Golf Resort

Indian Wells, CA

The Project

A complete pump station replacement for an existing 18-hole public golf resort in Southern California. The Club had exhausted all options to improve the green and was looking to rebuild each of the entire green complexes.

What Was Done

Performed routine irrigation system efficiency tests and identified opportunity to save money and energy by completely upgrading the pump system. Staples Golf also worked with Southern California Edison utility company to pay a cash incentive for work accomplished.

  • Tested the pumps and central control efficiency in order to develop realistic savings opportunity and worked with the pump manufacturer in order to design and size the system
  • We provided the necessary engineering reports to show to the utility in order to receive incentive payments.
  • Through one of the members in our Staples Golf network, we were able to find the most cost-effective pump station that was properly sized for this facility.

The Result

We achieved the following savings:

  • 325,082 kwh per year or $45,511.00 per year
  • 126 kw demand reduction
  • A reduction of 176 tons in CO2 emissions

Staples Golf also obtained incentives on behalf of the customer totaling $26,006.60 (total station cost was approximately $225,000.00).


The total project simple payback was only 4.3 years!